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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a Tad Chilly....

Yesterday's office chatter was all about the weather, but as you know if your from Oklahoma, never trust the weatherman.  Expecting a blizzard we joined the crowds at Wal-Mart and stocked up for the week.  I couldn't sleep last night, just waiting for the call that the VARO would be closed. I was up at 4am, it didn't look to bad out so my heart sank as I crawled back in bed.  Well at 6:30am the call came, HOORAY HOORAY!  So my baby got some extra mommy and daddy time and my nephew had a blast on his $11 orange sled, LOL. Cold, Chilly, Lovey, and is how we spent our day....

a little daddy time
                                                                                                                          and Rowdy running amuck
 brand new sled
                                                                                                             can always count on the M
 anyone for bowling?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Review: Rockin Green CD Detergent

I'm new to motherhood....and cloth diapering.  I've been cloth diapering for 4 months now, woo hoo!  I have experimented with different laundry soaps and have yet to find "the one".  I used All Free & Clear which does a great job at getting the stink out, but it's a pretty boring soap, LOL.  I bought samples of Rockin Green in marshmallow, orangevana, and I bought a BIG bag of the smashing watermelons.  Upon opening the bag of SW it didn't shock my senses like I thought it would.  I couldn't pick up a scent at all.  But it does work great at knocking the stink and funk out so no complaints there.  Same with the marshmallow.  No scent.  The orangevana reminds me more of patchouli than oranges, not a fan.  Surprisingly, I did really like the rage against raspberry soap.  It smelled yummy!  Another soap I have used is Crunchy clean.  Now THAT will shock your senses! Soooooo delicious I almost want to eat it!  Monkey farts will make you salivate.  You can even faintly smell it after the dipes are clean which I love! Downfall?  I have to buy it in samples from abbyslane because directly from the site shipping is $15.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my! so for now between samples of Crunchy clean I'm sticking with Rockin Green because it does the job, it just doesn't shock my senses..........

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weight Loss and Life

I started weight watchers 3 weeks ago.  It has been the EASIEST way to lose weight that I have EVER tried.  I definitely packed on the pounds with little man and I am definitely in need of dropping a few, plus some!  I've already lost almost 10 pounds and I'm eating great.  I'm breastfeeding still so it's important that I eat so WW it is!  It would be nice if I could be so lucky as to not have to worry about weight and what-not but that is not the case.  In other news, baby has discovered his feet and loves to stick them in his mouth.  he rolled over for the first time on November 7th.  He is such an awesome little guy.  he is kind of serious....always brooding, maybe he'll be the next Hemingway, Borges, or Orwell. :)  I'm back in the kitchen and cooking again, which I LOVE.  My brain is soooo full of ideas lately.  I'm asking Santa for a sewing machine so I can start putting all of my ideas to work :)